Dancing: A Fun and Healthy Way to Fitness

Yes dance your way to fitness! It is not coincidence that a dance craze is making its way across gyms throughout the world. The fitness dance craze has become one of the hottest and most widespread fitness phenomenon. DVD’s and gyms abound with classes for Zumba, Belly-dancing, Salsa, Indian Chutney, Houston, Reggae, Pole dancing, and even Bollyrobics. You can now fulfill your desire for fun and get in shape at the same time!

Dancing, experts say, burns calories, increases energy, improves circulation, and improves muscle tone, mobility, and coordination. In fact, dancing can burn just as many calories as more traditional exercises such as brisk walking. Dancing can also have a profound effect on your psychological well-being and happiness. It relieves tension and stress, improves your mood, and serves as an outlet for your creativity.

As if it were not enough, from the beginning of time, dance has been used as one of those forms of art that simply attract and lure the potential mate. Throughout the animal kingdom examples abound of males performing courtship dances, and of attracting females with displays of fitness, strength, and skill.
Many studies exist to show that dance contributes to your mental well-being. Dance has even been found to help decrease dementia, symptoms of Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and other cognitive and mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, for example, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City found that ballroom dancing was associated with a lowered risk of dementia. The mentally challenging aspects of dancing Рfollowing complex Atlanta dance steps, moving in time, and staying with the rhythm of music, is believed to be the reason for this.

Dancing also is convenient. You do not need expensive equipment or workout clothes. All you need is your body, the right music, and the willingness to have fun. You can dance in your own home, a gathering with friends, a party, the club…and now…at the gym.
Isadora Duncan said of dance that it needed ‘the highest intelligence in the freest body’

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