Seat Cover Buying Guide

You may think your factory seats are holding up just fine. What you may not realize is how much abuse your seats are getting from wear and tear, sun damage, pets, or dirt and spills. All these problems have a simple solution, seat covers. So, why should you get a set of seat covers? There are many reasons. You can protect your factory seats, get a custom look for your interior, or cover up existing damage to your seats. They are also a great way to keep your interior looking new and clean.

But, how do you decide which seat covers are right for you? This reference guide will help you through the decision making process and make sure you get the seat covers that best fit your needs.

Protect Your Investment

Think about it, what do you have the most contact with in your vehicle? It’s your seats, and they need to be protected. If your seats get dirty, or something gets spilled on them, it’s a pain, and a hassle to clean them. Seat covers put an end to that. Most can be put in the washer and dryer so there is no need to buy expensive cleaning supplies to get stains and dirt out. If you have pets, you know it’s a chore to vacuum the seats to get all the pet hair off them. What about their nails? You don’t want them to poke through your new leather seats do you? A seat cover provides a protective barrier to keep your pets from scratching, or poking holes in your nice seats.

Another problem you face is UV damage. That’s right, the suns powerful rays claim the lives of many seats. When the sun shines in your vehicle it is magnified by the glass from your windows. That’s why it feels like an oven on hot summer days. Imagine what that does to your interior. If you have leather seats, the sun dries them out, which can lead to cracking, and a dull finish. That means you have to continually condition your seats to protect them. This can be time consuming and expensive, both which can be avoided with seat covers.

Don’t think any of that affects you? Well, you get in and out of your vehicle every day. Even this has a negative effect on your seats. Every time you get in and out of your vehicle you create friction between yourself and the seat. This may seem like nothing, but after some time you will notice the material getting thin and worn out. Next thing you know, you’ve worn a hole through the material, yet another problem that can be prevented.

Get A Custom Look

Factory interiors are often boring and mundane. Vehicle manufactures use solid, neutral colors that make the interior seem more open. You can add flare and a look that really sets off your interior with Canvas Seat Cover Specialists. They come available in standard factory matching colors with solid patterns, or, you can get something that’s different. We have many colors to choose from, as well as patterns that you won’t find in a dealer’s showroom. So, not only do you get great protection, but you also get a custom look and style, that really sets your vehicle apart!

Bring Your Old Seats Back To Life

It’s inevitable, bad things happen to good seats. But you can do something about it. Whether or not you have worn out faded seats, they got stained, or dirty, seat covers provide a solution. They do just as they say, cover it up. Seat covers hide those unsightly stains and dirt spots and give your interior a fresh new look as if nothing ever happened. And, if the same happens to the seat covers, well, just wash them and put them back on. Think of how much money you will save by not having to reupholster your seats.

Now that we have identified why you should get seat covers, let’s see what works best for you.

Fitment – Universal vs. Custom

Seat covers come in two primary fitment types: custom fit and universal fit.


If you are looking for a seat cover that is going to fit your factory seat perfectly, then a custom fit cover is what you need. These are custom made per vehicle application and fit your factory seat and shape very tightly. Custom seat covers take into account factory headrests, armrests, center consoles, and seat controls.


If you are looking for something you can throw on quickly and you’re not too concerned with it fitting perfectly, then a universal seat cover will work just fine for you. The cover the entire seat back and bottom but are not designed to fit tightly as a custom fit cover would. These are great for quick on and off usage.

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